Author: Barb Casper

Heartfelt Resolutions

Those of you who read the first article posted here on learned I had a heart attack in September of 2010. My main right coronary artery was 100 percent blocked and a stent was placed. Then in December of 2010, while attending cardiac rehab classes I suddenly experienced searing and throbbing tooth and jaw pain. I had been to the dentist two days prior, so I simply thought the dentist may have irritated a nerve. The cardiac rehab staff thought it may be angina, instead. To make a long story short, I took another ride by ambulance to...

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Wake Up and Take Notice

My Saturday started out as another uneventful, ordinary day. It began with a shower. Then I worked on a home remodeling project and was finishing up on a client design project when my ordinary day abruptly ended with a ride by ambulance to the local hospital. Here is what happened. While working on my computer, I suddenly experienced an excruciating and debilitating headache. I summoned my eldest son to get me a Tylenol and my heating pad. I thought I might be having a migraine. I took the medication and tried to relax. Several minutes passed and the headache...

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